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Mar 23, 2012

Dermafal Placenta Serum Complex

Dermafal Placenta Serum Complex (RM150.00 - 60 gelcap)

Placenta Serum Complex - Pink Colour With Squalene & Vitamin E (Moisturing)
Plancenta Serum Complex with Squalene (Moisturising)
- Restores skin moisture
- Aids kin lesion & wound
- Improves skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles

Placenta Serum Complex - Yellow Colour With Royal Jelly (Firming)
Placenta Serum Complex with Royal Jelly (Firming)
- Firm aging skin
- Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
- Stabilize skin from damaging temperature changes
- Ultimate treatment for younger and healthier looking skin

Placenta Serum Complex - Oren Colour With Vitamin A, C E (Brightening)
Placenta Serum Complex with Vitamin A, C & E (Brightening)
- Brighten dull skin
- Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
- Regenerates dermal tissues to counter the appearance of aging
- Ultimate treatmentt for younger, fairer and healthier looking skin
The Benefit Of Placenta
Anti-aging properties

Containing 30 kind of amino acids, peptides, vitamins, saccharides, nucleic acids, hundreds of mineral, enzymes and growth factors.

These are essential to activate and regenerate fibroblast cell which ultimately bringing benefits on skin firming, elasticity, wrinkles reduction, lightening freckles & rejuvenate dull skin cells.

Reverses sun damage
Containing humectant factors that attract and hold water molecules to the skin. The presence of moisture is important for glowing and youthful skin.
Humectant is also effective in preventing moisture loss after prolong exposure to sunlight and air-conditioning.

Assists in recovery
Containing peptides & growth factors that provide relief and faster recovery from UV damage, erythema (redness), edema (swelling), skin thickening, wrinkling, stretch marks and scars.
With continued use, Dermafal restores skin's optimum moisture levels and improves elasticity while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Even freckles & acne scars will lessen as it brings back beautiful skin.

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